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                                              A LITTLE ABOUT ME IN MY CAREER LIFE
 My personal life is private! I do not do religion/although subject may come up. I am not of any type of religious beliefs, I however believe there is many great aspects in a higher power or being. 
         I first was a CNA (certified nurse assistant) or as I have stated a professional butt wiper! This job was my favorite thing to do besides being a mom. I started nursing right out of high school back 20 years or so ago! Yes wiping asses was part of the job but not necessarily the entire work life. Most of the time I spent quality time getting to know my residents, helping with their every day tasks and constant care for most of them. I could go on about this amazing job but I'll save the stories for later! I have so many great memories and some not perfect ones. 

In 2005 (after several years of my loving Aunt stating the obvious with little pay jobs) I finally decided to go to college for Massage Therapy.  The College I attended was Baker Collage of Cadillac ( 2 hrs north of Grand Rapids) not to be confused with Muskegon.  
I found Baker College to be some what challenging and not a fly by night 6 month less than 300 hours of hands on massage! I was in for a long haul of 2 years, 1000 hours of clinical hands on massage to the public for free! I had many classes of Sports therapy, Deep tissue, the boring Swedish, and a holistic massage class ( Reiki) plus Public Speaking, Anatomy 1&2, Medical knowledge ( those big stupid words doctors use) and list goes on! 
I am certified and have a License in Massage Therapy now 12  yrs. (if a place is not licensed run for it!!)  

I moved down here to Grand Rapids because I love being in the city, I like the idea of diversity. 
 I fine I become a friend to most of my clients, but still hold the little bit of my personal space to my self, some times I can tend to tell a bit too much, then find myself thinking wth. If you read through my website you'd realize I am slightly annoyed with those "" people who still try to push the limits. 
Any how, this is the sorta me in a very small glimpse.  Hope you enjoyed reading or at least got some sleep reading.  See ya on my table. 

I believe in my work and belief is the key!

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