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My Advise on Body Care! 

You all knew since children on how to basically exercise {play} eat, hydrate, rest, and repeat every day! If only it was that simple now as we age, get busy with LIFE. We all fall into slumps, anxiety and depression, aches, pains and of course many other life challenges. 

Many of you have been into my office for a massage of some sort. 
You've read my website, blogs, followed me on social media and or even called and texted. 
I always find and figure out health, mind, or other issues that have influenced your wellness. 

 Age may have a factor but not typically the issue, keeping that in mind, your body system is different every day. One person can not be like another nor the same as yesterday. Remember that! 
You must always always hydrate, water first thing in the morning before coffee, it helps with digestion and gets your system ready and does the same as coffee. Both can be a boost, has many good properties for mental stamina, clarity, cleanse the digestion, a diuretic ( just black) 
I believe you should do the best you can even if you use a caffeine substance but keep in mind of the crashes, sugars, and other ingredients.
DO NOT DRINK ANY TYPE OF SODA or not every day. The only soda to drink for certain issues to hurry up and get rid of... is Coke ( a shot glass) to ease nausea or a gas bubble trapped, sprite is good for a heck of a burp if you don't like coke, indigestion or feel like vomiting is Vernors If you can stand the taste, if not go to Coke. Diets soda's are the worse, they cause sooo many issues, the list is forever. Plus whats the purpose of it if you've order a large size at fast food place, getting water would help to ease the " shitty food" . I would avoid fast food at all cost, a snickers or for me a WATCHAMACALIT, would be better. 

Foods, we all know the food pyramid and although helpful its not exactly what every one needs or even wants. 
Typically just eat in small portions, through out the day. This keeps your mind clear and your body active, ( no chips, or sodium, processed, and again no fast food,)Fruits and veggies are great but not as fun or filling, but helps keep mental clarity and focus. Unless your starving , drinking a glass of water will help. Use simple tricks like turkey slices, or any "lunch" meat types keeping in mind of process and sodium. 

Simple math of fat, protein and carbs would be sufficient. If your not loosing weight or feel like shit, and energy loss is taking over. Honestly we do no need to count calories, and all that .. its too complicated and takes to much time. Nothing more than a fist should ever be eaten so keep that in mind for quantity. You can be smart about the cookies, and the snacking without giving them a total heave ho! If your finding things are bloating, feel of excess water, puffiness, extra pound or two..  Change your food, remember fruits and veggies can cause the excess issues. I personally do this every morning ( very gross) but it keeps the puffiness and ick away. Before any breakfast or shake stuff. A table spoon of baking soda, a shot glass of lemon juice and rest a full glass of water and drink it fast ( its gross to me it tastes like bad 7- up) then  20 mins later do your breakfast of choice. The reason for this mix is to balance the stomach the combination of this is it has elements that have antioxidants and alkalizing your body to combat acidosis which may occur when the kidneys are not removing enough acid from the body or when the body produces to much. Also this remedy can help remove toxins and to help burn fats. This mixture is also used for digestion to get rid of " gas"  get rid of acid reflux which can cause a lot of discomfort. You can use baking soda alone over the day to help rid of it above mentioned faster than tums. The mix of the lemon and baking soda is just for morning.  It is said to also have other benefits but you can research all that on your own as well. 

After 20 minutes then you can start your breakfast regimen or if you hate waiting..Take a shower or do your morning primping, or work out.

I personally use Thrive shakes from Le-vel I can do a plan for you if you really would like try. I am a Promoter of it but not necessarily going to go through the details. You can feel free to email or text me if you want to know about Thrive. There are So many plans out there to discover. 
I look at many diet ads or do's n don'ts and find it gross, boring or just plain silly.
Find what works for YOU
Exercise: there is no fact on what time of the day is best for that. Try to get 10 mins or more a day throughout the day of just stepping in place, a few squats, dead lifts, arm circles, any thing to move and circulate the body, sitting is the WORSE for any one. Stretch as often as possible. 
I would tell you my daily nutrition or exercise things but its never the same and involves chasing pups around the house, some times we get loud with music. That's all I can say! 

Key to this message of Body care

Water first thing,  every meal, when you think about it and before bed. 
Use Caffeine only for mental clarity and energy
No Soda
NO fast food
Exercise, stretch ( I can form a plan) 
Massage is the best for stretching and motivation
Nutrition is whats best for YOU ( I can help)
Focus on you means keeping yourself happy in any parts of life.
You are only in competition with your self sure if your in athletics or some professions but technically YOUR the star of your LIFE
Use skin care items such as pure coconut oil or organic oils to smooth skin. You can look up many items on Pintress or any site. 
Look up uses for different Vitamins and learn which brands are shit. I learned the hard way myself. As I said earlier if you'd like information on Le-vel shakes, nutrition,vitamins, sleep, joint health and sooo much more email me or text. It is free to sign up. I have actually used most of it all and have the list of whats in it handy. They for some reason don't put the list of ingredients and properties on it. Probably due to copy rights.. any how good luck. For more insights I may have blogs posted as well or follow me on Pintrest, Facebook or any social media if you find me. 

Keep looking on for news updates and more fun! Thank you

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