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Hurry in for these great reduce prices as we bring in the New Year.. Treating yourself or a loved one can reduce a ton of STRESS! YOUR BODY MIND AND HEALTH DESERVES IT~  


 April showers hopefully bring May flowers:  April 1st till  April 18th bring in your favorite spring time picture can be flowers, landscaping, trees, or even animals that can signify SPRING!! 
For a special 1 hour Swedish for $55 or a 90 min for $75 no other exceptions                                             available

Gift certificates.. Gift Certificates.. every one can use one for the holidays, birthdays, or any  occasion

Lower prices on Deep tissue and Sports YAY!!
 I accept Cash only!! NO exception sorry have been burned to many times and must pay up front.. Because of a  recent client coming in and getting a massage and not paying. 
Unless    you've been in a few times before.      The ATMs are all located around Down town.
No credit cards.
 If you have any type of "flu" like symptoms do not come in for a massage this is contagious. Coughing, sweating a lot, nausea, diarrhea or any thing like this please go get a Doctor before you come in. I will however need a Doctors note saying if its contagious or not.  I apologize for this but this has become very serious. Check on the new health page I have provided.   

Parri Curtis: Owner and Operator 9yrs
Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports and Pelvic area.. 
     All clients accepted and comfort up to you on draping!

 Fast massage is a massage I named for the minimal work needed this is only a 1/2 hr session. It is MOSTLY  one body part ( back etc) for $25.00 and if you was the Pelvic Area Massage with it That still is $60 extra. 
Light touch therapy 
1 hr session is $60.00 up to an hr only.
NO more than 1 hr Available unless you combine with another massage. Then just add $15 for an extra 1/2 hr this does not include the Pelvic Area Massage that is an extra $65. 
 Swedish Massage
1 hr Basic Swedish Massage: 65.00  add $65 for pelvic  for all massages
1 1/2 Swedish Massage :      $85.00 plus pam will equal 150                   
 2 hr Swedish :                     $110.00 plus pam is 175
Lymph drainage  session $70.00 make sure you don't have a fever.
3 sessions at $145 

Pelvic Area Massage: P.A.M 
$65 additional.. 
Read the styles of massage first to add this. NO sessions or just this massage available it has to be with another massage because I have found that it is worth your time and money to get the full benefits.
Example 1 hr Swedish/ Pelvic Area Massage = $130.00 // 90 mins  is $150.00 
This Is solely for a mental, medical, physical, anxiety, etc..and not for entertainment purposes.
Swedish is included with the Sports and Deep tissue.
Sports Massage
1 hr $100 
1 1/2                      $120.00  P.A.M add $65
2hr Sports Massage: $150.00  P.A.M add $65
Deep Tissue adding Pelvic Area Massage is $65 extra
1 hr $85 
1 1/2: $100.00 
2 hr Deep Tissue: $120.00

No out calls to any home! 
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