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I have been a Thriver now going on almost 9 months and counting. I decided to start promoting Thrive because I noticed a huge difference in my "sluggishness" the need to take a million different vitamins or caffeine pills just to get my ass up in the morning and push through the day. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and I am on a constant go, if not at my office then out running errands. I kept telling myself "come on why am I so damn tired?" or " wtf my stomach is hurting" I keep on taking antacids, and more vitamins, and another caffeine pill. I can't drink coffee or drink any soda.. as one I don't like it, 2 causes ulcers and 3 excessive weight gain. I eat pretty good if I do, which is another reason for using Thrive protein shakes. I only need one scoop or one packet in the morning after taking my Thrive vitamin pack which helps me get my ass up. I use to take I'd say 12 vitamins and probably 4 minerals, plus two caffeine pills and probiotics. It costs a lot of money every month or two for just those. Then adding my Vegan protein, the organic juice, and everything else. 
You're probably thinking wow.. that's too much. 
I had to do that many.before (2011) I lived very active lifestyle, I use to work out, taking my daughter to school, then I was also a CNA, I switched to being a Massage Therapist. Which was a constant run. Then 6 years ago I literally woke up in the hospital a month and a few days later being taken off of life support, being told I just beat the Swine Flu :( or called H1N1. I had to re- learn some speech, to walk, wait for my memory of many things to come back. It took me it seemed a lifetime. I was home for 3 months and boom on the floor I went with a bleeding ulcer and get this a damn Mini Stroke!! They did a CT scan, and found I had actually suffered  2 while on Life support and one previously. Which I never knew. I just knew I always was real tired all the time and treadmills stairs and all kicked my ass!! They still do! Long story short I am glad I found Le-vel ( Thrive) and I feel a lot better after not for 6 years. No this is not a testimonial it is just my damn luck! 

So here it is.. I wake up at 8 ish take the Thrive vitamin pack, go shower and then do my Thrive Shake, I also use the Thrive DFT Patches the Black label, for me the other ones don't cut it. Then I also use the Move gel pack for aches and pains. I also use the Thrive energy shot because I get tired to easy. There's a few more things I do take for memory support, and even my moodiness. If you have any questions about what is in some of the supplements please ask. I am asking you to just try it. It is risk free, if you don't like it you don't have to! Being a customer is free and yes it does look very pricey but.. take it from me I spend 300 less than I use to! The good thing about it is if you don't have the money to order in while on auto ship go to the manage subscription page and either cancel or place it on hold. I do it all the time.

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