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Curtisy Massage Therapy  

Trying to be your best self isn't always easy: 

Your greatest asset is your health. If your health is on any downward spiral, getting out of the funk and rid of junk begins with not just healthy eating, its also getting rid of the metals, toxins, pollution, anxiety, and most of all  

Stress does more to a persons mental state causing brain fog, irritations, chronic pain,  work and careers are difficult to deal with other people, computers, and or anything you work with., home life becomes depressing, tired unable to focus on family, health issues start rising including un explained pain, headaches, fatigue, lost of interest (Mental health issues)etc.. Stress is the #1 cause of a human body to break down.          

Always take care of you! 

I  will help you with your pain, while you relax !

Curtisy Massage uses un scented coconut oil, and lotions, absolutely no scented anything! You will never have a different person doing your massage, you are not cut short of time an hour is 60 mins not 45 or 50... each massage will be tailored to YOU! 

I update this site pretty regular ! 

Keep reading further down for business days, hours, location. etc.

Sorry I did not realize the platform changed for navigation on my website.. scroll down to very bottom, you'll see in very tiny print on  styles, medical pelvic, prices etc. I cannot figure out how to get them easier. The mobile one is easier to navigate as I had checked.. Thank you ! 

Welcoming New 'clients everyday!! 

If you are looking on my website you are close to making the best decision.

Getting a massage is not for entertainment, or just something to do anymore, it is a way to help you deal with the health issues or any reason for " the why". . as you will read through out this website. 

While you are in the office, I will ask a few questions, its just a way to see how I will be assessing your treatment such as your work or other possible things that are underlining reasons for an ache or a pain. 

Read the website before contacting me.. the hours and massages are on here and so is the prices its all listed if you just look! Thank you and I hope to hear from you


        Please be respectful of my services and refrain from any sexual miss conduct, I provide the utmost valuable styles of massages that are tailored to your needs in a respectful way.

Please refer to my styles of massages for information, refer to price page for all massages, if it is not on there I don't not provide .. Thank you! 

        If you feel feverish,coughing more than usual and or more than just allergies, please stay home and rest. However massages can shorten a common cold and may help other ailments as long as there's no cough, sore throat, fever, or breathing issues let me know and I can certainly help. 

All items in my office are sanitized, before and after. 

I do wear gloves and many clients had not noticed, this is for your safety as well as mine, as we all have concerns of health and safety. You wouldn't want a massage if you knew the details and risks by whats lurking under fingernails or in open cuts. 


              Hours: (further down below this message!

                   By appointments only: 

             Schedule at least 2 hrs ahead of time please! 

You may not be able to get in last second. 

 (You can certainly text to try, I usually answer quickly if I do not ..I am in session.. I do not answer during these times,  please just show up as scheduled. )  

I am NEVER in my office unless I am scheduled and I leave at all hours.  If you want a morning 10 am you must schedule before 8 am or the day before and if after 5 pm let me know prior as well, I understand the last minute decision and I will try my best to accommodate.

 NOTE: When you make an appointment and cancel, or a no show you do put any and all professionals in a slump with finding other clients to fill your spot so we can have roofs over our heads and our bills paid as well.. YES I said it.. we try our best to accommodate and respect your time. If I cancel it is in dire need of it and always over an hour ahead unless it is an accident. 

                         5 days a week . 

Monday: Schedule ahead of time this is a day I do errands 

Tuesday: 10 am till 7 pm 

Wed: 10 am till 7 pm 

Thurs: 10 am till 7 Pm 

Friday: Schedule ahead of time and nothing before noon nor after 5 pm.  

Closed on weekends and all holidays ;Christmas always closed on the 23 till till the following week of last couple days of December unless it falls on a weekend then I am closed till after January 2nd if its is not on a week end.

Please please..DO NOT BANG ON MY DOOR! It is very disruptive. Wait your turn in any chair around the corner or in the lobby area.

Text me when you arrive. Do not keep calling as I may be running late as I have said a million times. Please do not give me an attitude nor make it an issue that I am late! There is always a reason, mostly I am already in session. Do not be rude!!! I am sure all of you do not do last second appointments at what ever you do in your job or life! 

I love anything big cats, and purple is my favorite color.

Curtisy Massage Therapy

616 272 0513 call or text with a message otherwise I don't respond, appointments only. Please please try not using any media sites to make appointments such as FaceBook, Twitter, Linkedin, or any other one I may have an account with.. I hardly check any of them.. or at all. 

I don't mind the chit chat or text, but I will not be put in a sexual harassment type of text nor put up with it in my office. 

          MOVE ON!

 I only explain the pelvic at the time of the  appointment and if you can't understand this>> keep going and go find yourself some one who likes this sort of BULLSHIT. 

Real licensed Massage Therapist women do not condone this behavior. 

Address is

1345 Monroe NW suite 248

Grand Rapids MI 49505

The building does look industrial or possibly strange for a Massage but I guarantee it holds many many different services. Looks are deceiving . 

Directions are a must follow.

Parking is around back of building and entrance is next to the loading docks where it says MAIN ENTRANCE.

NOT IN FRONT OF OR NEXT TO THE BUILDING.. no other entrance is available and I will not be able to find you!! Elevator or stairs on the Second floor.

Please wait either in the kitchen or there's a round table pretty close to my office down by the Men"s bathroom.and text up on arrival 

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