Curtisy Massage Therapy - A few rules you should follow - Grand Rapids, MI
Curtisy Massage Therapy - Making sure you feel better, one massage at a time!!

Can't believe I have to keep saying this over and over!!

Please read very carefully and then make your decision 

I work only on mature Men!    That is in  need an actual Massage Therapist to dedicate the skills I have to offer. ( this not for the pleasure of a sexual encounter nor will ever be a
"thing " either that's gross) All of my massages are based on studies and the actual nature of "men's health" . Please refer to the Medical Pelvic Massage page for all the issues that occur from just the Pelvic/belt line area. I have worked and studied to put together a massage that will work for almost everyone esp; those whom are advanced ages. 

1. Do not touch me or make any sexual comments.
2. Do not ask me to do any thing other than a massage
3. I will never take any article of clothing off.
4. Do not barter or try undermining my price
5. No loud moaning, groaning or "acting" loudly of enjoyment its embarrassing and I have neighbors.
6. No sexy like talk< I do not talk like a prostitute 
7. There is absolutely NO enjoyment or thoughts from me on any part of your body that get's me going..
8. I do not care about "package size" you may not like my reply
9.  My massages are only for health reasons... nothing else
10. To many damn rules and bullshit for me to cover.. JUST BE A DAMN RESPECTFUL PERSON!!


I love conversations, knowing personal information as long as it's not what's above listing! 

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