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Some things about me!

I hope everyone is having a great day and time reading through this website. 

                                 The research page, the cancer page, and some other words are simply a copy and paste from actual doctors, and patients. The editors are responsible for bad spelling and run on sentences, and or any other errors. I cannot correct those. It would be considered as plagiarism. 

A little info about me 

Name: Parri Curtis

Born and raised in Michigan.

Moved to Kent County from Ocseola County ( close to Cadillac Wexford county) in 2007

Graduated Baker College in Cadillac in 2005 for 2 years ( not the typical 6 month and 600 hr brush up on other " therapist " students but with over 1,000 hands on public un paid massages.

Curriculum was Sports massage, Anatomy 1 and 2, Massage techniques, Medical terminology * I can't remember all the words and meaning* too many! Plus other Business classes along with Public speaking. I can talk for a very long time!

I am not a fan of meditation music so you will hear Enya for a few songs and then other music and then Enigma at the end.

All my massages are according to time with the play list.

I love all music except opera or Rap they annoy me!

My favorite pass time is doing updates on website

Listening to music ( mostly all day in house and vehicle)

Movies are great but I prefer a Tv show ( I don't like how movies just end)

My most favorite people : My Grandson and my daughter. I am in a long very long term relationship

I like Big Cats ( tigers mostly) House cats are cool too!

I prefer chihuahua's as a pet for me. Use to have Rottweilers.

So you may hear about my pets, Daughter  and 2 Grand babies , or random stuff in my office. I will talk about almost anything. Just non uncomfortable talking if you feel its touchy let me know. I listen to everything, and if I feel uncomfortable I usually just will let you know its not appropriate  or pass it off. 

Being told this website is the best is rewarding.. if someone says any thing bad well that's your problem don't read it!! 

I decided listing a work history was boring lol \

I have been in the heath field since 1996 and Massages are my forte now going on 18 years.

So that's all the tidbits

Thanks for reading, hope to see you soon. 

Parri Curtis 

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