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I have had enough of this Covid controversy let's move on 

I put many hrs into all my research and include the websites to go through to back it up. I am seeing they are not working and are extremely light to see. 

I have dedicated my massage therapy business as not only for the "healthy" but also to the immune compromises situations that unfortunately occurs in many people. Although media and others have hyped up this disease in many ways and literally scared us into hiding from others and or making us suffer through political agenda. 

There is a solution to end this madness aside of taking extra care of yourself, by wearing face masks, or getting vaccinated , ( I am not saying to get or not vaccinated) how ever wearing a mask for long periods at a time can actually deplete your immune system by causing your own breath to deplete oxygen to your entire body. Yes I said it and you may read or hear different sides to this story or have your own. But have you noticed after wearing masks, you feel drained, headaches, sore throat, and other symptoms? We have begun the downfall of our immunity system, causing us to fear the virus! I have read and watched this world fall to this propaganda and I completely understand you may be thinking I'm taking sides of this or that! I just want you to think on your own.  As with any vaccine. We are all just swimming in this fish bowl of life and read, hear, think, listen and get confused by : so called experts also while doing research use a different search engine rather than google. Esp for side affects. I try my best to understand this disease and will try to focus on the task at hand but with so many people whom had the vaccine and hearing the horror stories of it, reminds me of the H1N1 vaccine they tried pushing during when Obama and Biden where in office. Frankly I have my own thoughts on all this but I remain controversial as best as I can. There are no right or wrong in political or religion. 

For 2 years we have been battling with whats correct or not. 

#1 listening to CDC, FDA, politics, even religion got tossed in. 

They all have things in common BIG PHARMA, stocks in masks, medication, etc. 

#2 during shut down 

they put up 5G or {Electromagnetic radiation has been around since some time in the 1800's }in all schools, hospitals and all over the world. Not to mention sent multiple satellites that surround our earth causing weather issues. Which causes us to feel the worse than ever. 

I have read studies on several websites that all of a sudden stopped working on my website..if you look further into it the radiation surrounding us lowers our hormonal responses and these can carry abnormal affects to the brain waves causing dopamine and serotonin levels to drop. When this happens we feel sluggish, tired, anxious, lowers our immune system. I find this to be the upheaval of our issues such as cold, SARS, influenza, pneumonia, ( again weather causing havoc) cancer, tumors, heart issues, and other health related trauma . 

# 3 my favorite UNHEALTHY diets

Sugar intake is the worse cause of many immune diseases, including the main one Diabetes.

Sugar intake lowers your immune system by the breakdowns of sugary snacks, soda, and all other un natural foods such as processed foods. We are not designed for this type of bad indulgence as some may recognize a little to late.  stress management. 

I could list many sites 

Covid 19 and all variants of SARS as well as Influenza, Colds, Allergies, bronchitis, and so on, It is said Covid causes headaches, body aches, pain, sometimes loss of taste and smell, runny nose, sore throats, so does most things, I am on the fence about all the strange ways of testing for Covid 19 as I in all of 27 years of health care , I have never heard of drive thru testing, nor now at home kits, which for me is quite peculiar in a sense of looking at everything out side of the box. Yes we have evolved with medical but why just Covid 19 testing and not the rest of the immune diseases, begs to be looked at.  Why would you get tested knowing these test came from the very place the out break came from? Our masks are from China, how did this one disease cause a destruction in our world, separating us with our family and friends. Loss of businesses and work force, loss of our unity, loss of faith, safety, this one disease turned our world upside down.. why? Because we were bamboozled by Government and our leaders. We became what we are now pushed into chaos. Yes there is Covid 19 and yes you can die from it or really sick, even sick for life but... we all can get Cancer, Pneumonia, HIV, SARS, Diabetes, we can also get hit by a bus or die sky diving. My point is .. We  change how we think about how in 2 years our bodies ended up in this pandemic, sure they say it was because of a lab in China, they blamed the same thing on many other diseases and yet how did this rapidly go from that country to the entire world in days, when we first shut down they scared the ever living hell out of us by using technology. So now our brains are on high alert every day worried, I know I am. When we think about being sick or worried every time we turn the media on or listen to even a neighbor about sickness we tend to over think, stress, stress eat, stay inside, start falling into these UN healthy rituals because why? They say so. Did you realize when your brain and subconsciousness  is on high alert , you can talk yourself into sickness? Ask a Doctor who tells people all day that they are fine they've ran every test possible. I have done it,  seen it and even saw my own family die from stress over thinking. Re train your brain, by going back out into the world, getting around people, living life before Covid 19 . I had to plenty of times getting back on my feet, many times of some illness or pain, I have chronic aches from probably over thinking. My eating habits get out of control on weekends and spend Mondays saying wtf over and over. I am an Empath meaning a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual. It is quite real for many people to feel the pains of others. With this said how do you know your actually sick? By a drive through testing they say that is only for Covid 19. If you keep thinking I have a headache you will get one, or all sudden you say gosh this hurts, ever notice how the pain intensifies after the thought. Just kinda spit balling. Use this website to your advantage and don't go off spouting profanity, or call me a conspiracy moron. They have been building this nonsense of mental manipulation since time began. Diseases, wars, it does not matter we are what we hear and listen to. We recite every thing over and over. One person can propose an idea and sound silly but get 2 or more going its a frenzy and its true. Again there's is Covid 19 but lets try living with it and use it for our own reality and fight against it all like all other diseases. One person may be fine getting vaccinated but the next it may fail. I know from my experience. Here's my little tid bit.

Every morning I wake up with every thing hurting and on fire, kinda feeling feverish, slight cough , runny nose, then I reach over grab the Vics making sure I didn't loose smell, sip water , I take deep breaths..  Thinking oh crap!  Then I remember oh yes that's right ten years ago, I got scared while massaging client after client. H1N1 was on high alert for us health care workers. So being Naive I ran down to the doctor to get the H1N1 Vaccination. With out study, it was new and no one knew exactly the side affects nor actual facts even on the disease itself. 

To my deadly experience. I woke up with 103 fever, puking, every thing hurt, on fire, lungs burning, and called the doctor they said it will clear up. 4 days in this and next thing I knew I was being asked if I wanted to be placed on life support meaning put under. Duh! I woke up 38 days later to them finally pulling tubes and who knows what and where out! Ten years today is the day I have been waking up every morning in pain, burning on fire body aches and lung issues, because that damn vaccine gave me H1N1  along with blood clots which traveled to my heart causing mini strokes. ON and ON! Now I have to take vitamins and Bronkaid, stuff for this or that for 

What I am trying to get across is this just because the media, cdc, fda, our own docs, and being pressured by our family, friends and not to mention the threat of the work place, and our government pushing the issue of getting a vaccine does not mean they are only trying to help or get rid of this disease. It will never end just like the common cold, flu, or any other disease they have cause world wide through technology, food, medicines with many side affects, and of course brain washing. They have given incentives all over the place such as get this or that free, get $10 off , etc what on earth does this sound like? When that didn't work hey here's a new variation lets get  boosters, up the face mask protocol, threats to our economy. Threats to our entire well being. Yes I know am only suppose to tell you the why to get a massage or provide some research . Well this is utter nonsense, backwards thinking, scare tactic for us to stay compliant. None of this is safe,  backed up by true logical thinking. I for one would never ask a person for advice from such a person that can't decide what gender they are for any psychological support ( I don't judge but they can't possibly understand what I am going through let alone an entire state) ( personally ) , or ask an over weight obese person for health related issues, it's as bad as asking an auto mechanic to give tips on skin care products, or asking them to perform surgery .( DO NOT THINK THIS IS USED AS A SO CALLED HATE OR SOME ASS HATTED RACIST OR TYPE OF THINKING if you think my honesty is too much get off my site!) These so called health experts need to help themselves and find a new venue to work. How can we trust a Doctor who keeps changing his mind about face masks or not understand other ways of so called science. My own doctors I am switching because all I hear is pills pills and more pills and oh did you get vaccinated. I switched because they had no clue about my medical history and its right in front of them. She tried putting me on another pill that I knew said Death may occur. NO THANKS

  I to be an honest person with my clients I will tell you  what is " safe" or not. I will never tell you to keep coming in if I know something won't work on your over all health and well being. 

I have had enough of this nonsense for 2 yrs going on 3. 

All I know I MASSAGE THERAPY can help you through the tough roads. Stress, anxiety, headaches, body aches and most immune compromised issues. All my massages are proven scientifically and or other ideal western or eastern medicine . Just listen to what you think is right and do what you feel is for YOU! Covid or not I can help as long as your clear of symptoms after 10 days. That is also the time line for most colds, flu, and others. 

I am no longer afraid.. how about you! btw this page took 5 hrs to type because of trying not to swear and go off on a total tangent plus looking into the websites with well most truth. I was going to blog this but nah! That requires me to read responses and attention I don't want. Have a happy fun filled day and thanks for reading!!

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