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Curtisy Massage Therapy

1345 Monroe Ave Grand Rapids  MI ‚Äč49505

Please Read before making an appointment.

Medical pelvic floor area is only done at the end of another massage such as a Swedish massage. Only done once per session, and is not timed unless it is a matter of a hernia or pelvic muscle pain... I will not tolerate nudes sent to my phone nor will I be doing this as a sexual intended issue, I do not give a shit about how much semen you produce, how big or small you are, MY PELVIC  MASSAGES ARE INTENDED FOR HEALTH REASONS!


Rules to follow :

I work on every one to an extent on issues esp for women I can only help with pain around the area.  

Nothing internal ever!

THE EYE GAZING meaning eye to eye contact for longer than a few seconds because this can cause a hypnotic and un intended feelings for the client. I am not saying you can't look at me  esp while talking. The nature of the Pelvic or any massages can create mixed feelings for a client.. not because of interested it just happens. As humans we need the touching, talking, the presence of another person. 

I will not be UNDRESSED FOR ANY REASON, Do not ask for anything other than a massage, you can however ask about medical issues, or I am open to talk about anything, except any thing pertaining to myself, I will not talk dirty ( it's embarrassing and I laugh.. sorry my acting career is limited) 


Please try to keep your hands from wandering, I understand men are visual and like to touch but.. It gives me the hebejebe's and I lose focus.  This is a very pleasant massage that does get intense. 

Pelvic massage can be electrifying and very intense feeling of letting bad energy go! 


You will feel the endorphin's working giving you a sense of well being, strange emotions, and some times the HIGH feeling. It is however very very sensual This is very normal! Just remember to keep a level head :} You will be amazed and what this massage can do for all of your muscles and how you will feel after the WOW factor.

What is the pelvic area?

Your pelvic area is just below your belly button. Your pelvic is of composed muscle fibers,( I could give you the Anatomy dictionary explanations but for us normal readers) its the area below our belly button and between our hips. There are two flat like bone connected only by a piece of cartilage. Men some fibers are inserted into the prostate.

This area can be damaged or weak. Meaning it is the protector of many organs such as bladder, intestines, uterus, and other lovely parts. Damage to this area can lead to organ prolapse, wetting yourself, bowel problems, for females problems of the organs simply become toward the outside of your vagina. Caused by age, lack of strength, muscle tone, pregnancy, family history, and hormonal changes. For men it is mostly the bladder issues, This is why it is very very important for every one including men to do some exercises..   

Here is some of the issues there are other re searchable links.

  • urinary or stool incontinence
  • constipation or incomplete bowel or bladder emptying
  • diminished sexual satisfaction
  • painful intercourse
  • inability to reach orgasm
  • sagging or prolapse bladder, or rectum
  • low back or lower abdominal pain
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • headaches
  • painful inner thigh muscles
  • confusion or inability to concentrate at normal tasks
  • can cause many stress symptoms
  • Groin area pain,
  • Sciatica
  • Hip/ low back/ or any of the belt line are
  • up upper inner thigh area  

Pelvic area massages come with many health benefits for men which is one of the reasons of its growing popularity. Health benefits of massages include stress relief, increased relaxation, improvements in circulation, posture, flexibility, breathing, strengthening of immunity, emotional release and the healing of psychological traumas.

A good massage will improve blood circulation

Pelvic area massages also are a great means to relax, which leads to improved sleeping. People with sleeping disorders benefit from Pelvic massage sessions and have been shown to have sounder sleep patterns after a few sessions. There are also reports that show lower cholesterol levels and help reduce the risk of heart attacks.

Psychologically, you will become stronger over time, and are less likely to experience anxiety attacks or have higher stress levels. This will lead to a great quality of life, healthier relationships with peers, improved work performance and greater fulfillment. This program is designed to relieve stress and anxiety, help overcome sexual dysfunction, teach healthy sexuality and teach better control of arousal and orgasms for men.

The biggest thing to remember this is not a rub n tug, a happy ending, or any other crap shoot saying. My techniques and a licence are far beyond that under cut garbage.