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A few stories about the nonsense I get for Pelvic

Hello, every one! I am so sorry I have not been posting a new Blog :(

I have had some quite interesting and yet very annoying discoveries on the Pelvic Area Massage . I seem to be at my wits end with the constant " child like" behaviors from men!

As I have stated I believe back in 2014 or ? I did state all people should be getting the pelvic massage. I will re cant my last statements on this issue. See I have discovered that some are something of a bit un professional and or are only looking for the "sex" type worker, which I am far far from it. Recently I have had men text some of the most disgusting requests or saying things they should only keep to themselves.

For instance: One male text saying right off the bat.. Can I get a Pelvic Massage? Some of you may think normal question, but.. if you read my website it states throughout the entire site Pelvic Massage has to be with another massage such as Swedish. So my reply is " please read the website" they said " I did read it" I reply back and said " then you would know you have to get another massage with it." next reply is " what massage and how much" I then know they did not read anything. I did say the price of a Swedish with pelvic for one hour is $130 and so on. Their reply is of many, that's too expensive, I only have x amount, can we trade, so on and so forth. I try not to be rude or demanding but its stated again in my website the rules are if you cant afford it save for it and don't try undermining and so on.

Why people still challenge me? Who knows ? I think its mostly those whom are use to getting their own way, a collage person, or some one whom want every thing handed to them or possibly they can't seem to get a job that can afford it.

I am not a therapist for luxury nor entertainment which is fine but pay for it. However I am a therapist for pain management, relief, and actual body work. You don't go to your doctors and say I can only pay for 1/2 of the surgery, or to a hairstylist saying I can only pay $5 for a haircut you'd have a 1/4 of your head shaved. If say for entertainment purposes, your bar tab is $100 but oh damn you have $20 than bar keep isn't going to let you out of it unless you are there all the time. My readers you get the point.

Back to the Pelvic stuff: The money discussion ends quickly.

New text: I'm interested in a massage, I say ok which one? Instead of saying they go on about how their sex drive is over the top, as a professional I ask whats the symptoms, how long have you had this issue, ( same shit I ask with all people) he says I'm 25, I say did you consult your doctor? They say yes but they aren't doing any thing! My reply is "well make an appointment and we can see what the issue is. " The next day same person texted and said " I need this taken care of now" ( he didn't make an appointment the text went dead) I stated " I can't help if you don't come in" This genius decides to say " I want you to just look at the picture" and before I said no.. he sends me a """" picture full body. First of all not professional, second of all this person was not 25, because with the picture he puts at the bottom how do you like to have an 18 year old? For me I was extremely disgusted, no matter if the puke was 80, 40, or any age. You don't send a full body shot. So I said " wow, how nice of you, your mother must be proud.. you said you where 25, the little shit texted oh I am please don't be mad, I like older women... " My statement was " my daughters older than you" and YES MY READERS THE LITTLE SHIT WAS BLOCKED. Some of you may be laughing your asses off like a few of my friends did, or like other moms out there are saying where's his parents. On my website it states NO NUDE PICTURES. He's not the only tyrant to try sending pictures but the absolute youngest and most embarrassing one for me So back to what I was saying about the Pelvic now people are going to be carded to get in if they are under 25. Honestly I do not think a pelvic massage is necessary for young people unless they are sitting more that 4 hrs a day. If your under age 25 you should go see your doctor because you may have other issues wrong such as Pelvic Inflammatory disease which could or could not be an STD related issue. Go get check. Women esp should get checked for STD's as well.

I love my career choice and I do like helping those whom need a Massage of any sort or just need to relax or get rid of anxiety or depression. Any one over 25 massage needs are your business as long as your professional, keep comments to yourself, your hands and other parts on the table, and let me do my job. I can't properly do a massage if your trying to touch me or make me uncomfortable. Oh and I am not some young giggly play thing, I am also not a mean bitter old lady unless your out of order.

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