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Getting some things out for my readers

Medical Pelvic Floor Work other wise known on my website as MPFW.

Number 1..

I first started this type of massage over I'd say 3 years ago. Before was called Medical Tantra. Which basically does pretty much the same with a few exceptions the word TANTRA! Depending on which religion, practitioner, reader or many styles of Tantra has resulted in my changing it to MPFW because of this awful TABOO the United states or actually excuse my language IGNORANCE OF KNOWLEDGE OR UNDERSTANDING WHAT IT REALLY IS in society. When I explain the Medical Tantra I get this weird look of confused because of what they had heard or thought it was and stupid thoughts of "happy endings" Wow really no this is not what it is at all! A so called happy ending is just a jerking motion, and the guy just getting his jollies ( GROSS) that would be distasteful.

Number 2

Now if a person of true knowledge or non childish behavior actually read either my website or maybe a true documented Tantra website which explains the healing process they would understand that Tantra does not mean a happy ending, but a sexual ( problem such as Prostate issues, ED, urinary bladder problems etc), mind, body, and even relationship healing process. They would actually be amazed at how awake their senses will become. Amazed at how stress can distress your mental, physical and cause many health issues.

Stress is the #1 killer of people it can cause Sexual difficulty, memory, unexplained chronic pain, migraine headaches, flu like symptoms, dizziness, unexplained infections, lost of concentration, mood spikes, sleeping to often or to little and so many other things. With any Massage esp Now called Medical Pelvic floor work can help ease these problems. Take in consideration of needing it at least 1x a month.

Number 3

Look at it this way cost wise it looks like a lot of money for a complete massage ( Swedish and MPFW) one hr is $125. Now if you don't have medical insurance as most don't or have a co pay. This is what your actual bills would look like --doctor visit, $100, ( they say its ??) your pharmacy for the prescription depends on the script let's say a pain pill as dumb as Motrin with a copay usually $20 with out probably $30 or more. Now you just spent $130 for probably nothing that gave you a result. Now if you had to miss work add in your days worth of pay...Gone! Then you have to go back through this stupid process of the doctors, pharmacy, and oh now some x-rays, or what ever.. your out more money for possibly a stress induced problem..oh but wait now your bill is I can see your face and the words already flying.. so lets skip that part

So you tell me is knowledge of Medical Tantra or MPFW worth your look at differently..

Bet your money that you had wished you had looked into my Massages before getting wrapped up in medical bills and nonsense.


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