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Is 2020 getting you down?

Well well well! Here we are in September!

I apologize for the long wait for any of my blogs. I myself have been in the WTF is going on! Its not been 9 months into 2020 and seriously what a shit show it has been.

I try my best to keep a positive spin on whats going on here in the United states. Now I understand every one has their opinion on politics and this Corona Virus they are calling a pandemic. I myself was scared in the very start of it all. After all our President had shut the airlines down, closed up America and here we are still trying our best to keep our sanity.

I have several theories on all of that is happening! In my opinion this is mostly a political act. I have read, heard,and honestly this pisses me off to no end.

The MASK UP is total bullshit! Lets agree to disagree on that. I understand the theory of using the Mask! Yes it may slow the spread! Yet here's the thing my readers.. all the masks we have been wearing, the blue ones, clothed ones with designs, some are wearing ones that painters use and even some are trying the face shields. Which by the way are all okay.. but I look around and they are all being misused.

Now here's the kicker if dust, paint, or any thing else can get through so can even this virus or any virus. The only way for not to get "sick" is to basically stay inside a bubble. We are told that wearing a mask and try to stay six feet apart will prevent us from getting this virus.

That's honestly the silliest thing about this!

If any one of you are a doctor, nurse, a health professional and or any of "being around people" you'd be smart enough to understand this is not the way virus, or any of this works. Most of you are to damn scared to say this is enough or your being paid to shut your mouth, the big Pharma or being fired.

Our government has us brain washed! Pure and simple brain washed!!

I know I know some of you may hate me for being honest or try saying I am against the government. I can assure you I am not! I looked into all of this research! This virus is happening yes BUT.. so is all the other viruses.

You are more likely to die from the Flu, H1N1, a common cold, pneumonia, any upper respiratory infection, and the list is forever long.

Think for a moment who in the hell thought of doing drive thru testing? That's the most stupidest thing I have ever heard of. For one how do you know if the person before you didn't have something? The test sites are outside, this virus is supposedly airborne, the person in front of you is being tested, the tester reaches in a sticks this wet nasty swab thing up your nose and then takes it to"processes" it. Then on to you (have fun with this..) didn't change gloves or mask, and even if they did, lets say the person in front of you coughed or sneezed on them, now its on the tester going on to you! GROSS!

In the beginning of all this in March, we heard people being put on respirators, yet those did not work, then we hear now we quarantine ourselves for 15 days. Colds and or flu can last that long. BTW! We hear it affects mostly elderly or excuse my words the black communities, then our governor sticks the sick into our nursing homes. Come on how stupid is this. She allows strip clubs open, bars, smoke shacks, all of the big stores open, for every one to come in from the streets, ( no masks required in the beginning )now months later it's required. BIG LAUGH! So then restaurants are open, wear a face mask in until being seated.

WOW, what kind of shit is this. She allows most business to open " safely" and wear a mask. Most business that open are not able to be six feet apart but I am not complaining at all. None of this makes any sense either way! We are stuck in a rut, our summer gone! No Fairs open, concerts, or any fun activities we all love here in Michigan. We are shut in for winters unless your a snow person. I do not know what any of our Political people are thinking but they are treating us as Americans as a bunch of people to be basically under their control. We are FREE! right?? Masks and being six feet apart for Americans, we do not deserve this treatment.

What we deserve is to be happy, responsible for our selves and our children. We deserve to be able to go into places with out fear of getting sick, or being told to wear a mask and stay away from each other.

The fact is we as humans need assurance, smiles, touch, communication, our health, mental health, we need to be able to express our needs, our desires, our freedoms, our rights, if you want someone to talk to or even express our feelings, have the right to enter places to shop, workout, eat, get massages, get tattoo's, go to clubs, concerts, casinos, gyms, play outside with our family, all the things we strive for!

We has humans should be able to decide what's healthy or not. We all can decide for ourselves to look things up to be safe. This Virus should not have gone to this point for our government to decide for us what we should do. We have been through enough shit storms on our own.

Every person and or family have had something happen. This should not be this hard.

Thank you for reading! Leave your comments but do not get all riled up! Its my blog, you don't like it don't read it.

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