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Tid bit on Pelvic massage

My own little tid bit talk on the pelvic massage and what I have noticed.

In my own opinion pretty much every one should have this area worked on. This is quite a problematic area for most men. When a man sits for periods of time everything pushes upward in his genital area. Yes I said Genital area get over it. This includes any of your sit bones and muscles. These muscles obviously are connected to your Penis oops again yes I said that.. this can make you not as aroused at times, having groin pain, numbness in various areas, urination problems, on and on..

I have studied this area for many years , books, and internet only has so much information, but it takes more than that to realize there is much more to this situation than just text book. For instance not every one has the same pain, experience, and mind set. In my office I explain the role in which I do not on the website nor on here.

There is deep breathing and pelvic floor exercises depending on the male. I have found that most men do not know how to squeeze the Kegel muscles. Contracting or moving the penis. True statement..when your young you do this as just entertainment but as you age you lose elasticity in the muscle around it (Pelvis) . You can read many articles that teach you how to do this exercise but more than likely you'll squeeze your abdomen or upper thigh area.. I would encourage you to go in to an actual place that does this sort of thing. I offer this massage and no need for embarrassment its just a muscle, every one has one. Plus its not invasive nor deep tissue operated, unless you don't keep your hands to yourself. I have many clients whom have experienced great relief of several symptoms. Depression, anxiety, headaches, and again list goes on forever. Prostate cancer survivors come in for exercises, I give hope and work on scar tissue and nerve damage in hopes of getting back to normal. I hope this helps my readers. Visit my page for more information Thanks for reading.

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