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Testimonials are real people emailing me but some names are changed for privacy...

I have had a bad back issue for many years, gone to Chiropractors, Physical Therapists and many countless " Massage Therapist" whom claim to understand the human body as a whole. They do not! Most of them say it's a deep tissue or even a Swedish massage and are either too light or vigorously working in the same area for what seems forever. Leaving me irritated, sore, still having issues, then other issues that all of a sudden occur. Then let's not forget the one's whom douse your body with god knows what "essential oil stench" and saying this will help with the pain. I explained my concerns to Miss Curtis and she did advise that some times staying in a certain area vigorously working can be beneficial and unfortunately can irritate other areas of the body. That is because the problem may have actually occurred elsewhere prior or other muscles, etc... "wake up" but generally speaking she doesn't stay in one spot for more that necessary! Any how I had no back pain or any additional pain there after for now a few months. I will continue to come in to Curtisy Massage Therapy as needed. P.L

I came to Curtisy Massage Therapy for help on incontinence and other personal reasons related to my pelvic region. I am an elderly gentleman whom lead a very busy life and had also lost a loved one not that long ago. When I came in to see Miss Curtis it was basically for my health issues, as well as a really bad neck issue . I could not turn to drive or hardly look to either side. She was amazing with explaining in detail what her pelvic floor massage would help deal with. I did not know Massages where so therapeutic, not just for my incontinence but all of of my anxiety, depression and the heartbreak of loosing someone.

She explained how massages can bring out many different feelings one has had stored into their entire body not just the mind.. Thank you, your an angel. KS

Miss Parri Curtis, is the absolute finest massage therapist I have ever met. I travel a lot, which means to much sitting in my vehicle or on an airplane. I have been to many different places; I found Miss Curtis while on a lay over here in Grand Rapids and after an exhausting number of calls to " massage places" I found too many Spa like crap, ones who can hardly speak English, some sounded quite Slutty or using this profession to " Prostitute" themselves saying stupid things like body on body rubs, this "nuru" or Tantra stuff that really is disgusting. I am a male whom does like to be touched sensually and I read her Pelvic massages. This understanding is quite intriguing and very understandable that she does not need Men or women especially crawling in to her office trying to cop a feel, or say un comfortable shit, Men really are perverts and she seriously does not take to kindly to those whom think its funny. Sure! as she said some things are okay to say or in conversation but not towards her, she is polite and she is absolutely hysterical to explain her events for 13 years, even to prior Nursing experience. I plan on seeing Miss Curtis when ever I am in MI even if its hours away.  

Dear any one wanting to see Miss Curtis at Curtisy Massage Therapy..

I have been a customer for going on 4 yrs I am a male, with many issues including anxiety,stress,migraines,sexual difficulties( not confused with needing "sexual or inappropriate behavior) this simply means, a foggy mental work focus, dysfunction as I am over 50 years of age, groin pain issues,hip,low back,inner and outer thigh issues,sleep problems, and I was taking several anti depressants. I am a total mess or at least was. I decided to see miss Curtis and she is a very very comfortable, knowledgeable,at times very out spoken as in she does not pussy foot around about doing the Pelvic Area Massage. She is blunt in which at first I was at first nervous but as soon as she started my Swedish massage, we started to click right off the bat!! She will talk about pretty much any thing, ( she doesn't just study the human body) there is so much more to this lady! Any how I could ramble on forever but the main objective of this email is I WILL NEVER CONSULT ANOTHER MASSAGE THERAPIST.. there is NO ONE WHO IS CAPABLE OR CAN EASE SUCH A DIFFICULT PERSON SUCH AS MYSELF.. Thank you so much.

I have four words for you! I love your touch. That's it. cc

I had read your website over n over!! Its truly the best I have ever seen or read! I laughed about how these guys keep acting immature. I must tell you I was a little scared you may scold me if I stepped out of line or things arose. I can tell you I am so glad to have finally made that appointment. You carry yourself very well, and you are not afraid to massage. Like you said, its natural for things to arise, if women had those parts the same thing would happen. Very cute!! You made me very comfortable. I feel as if I have known you all my life but just met you. Sorry I am rambling.. I'll just say this you have me HOOKED!! Paul


Who is this wonderful therapist. I have never met someone so comfortable with people. She doesn't care that I am of large size and has not once mention " you need to loose weight" or you should not eat this or that. I love this.. I don't get scolded or feel like I'm disgusting. Bret.. 


Miss Parri, oh my god!!! You have the touch of an angel.. a painful one at times but I do understand pressure is necessary to use on such tough issues. My entire body thanks you from head to toes.. you do not miss anything.. such a wonderful out standing massage!! Your knowledge is impeccable and your more than just a book on massage but your conversations skills are remarkable esp on some of the music artist you play during the massage. I find your personality to be fun!! I know your website has some harsh statements but you have to be tough on these guys who think you are a play thing. I'd kick their ever living asses if they talked to a woman like that in front of me. Big thanks.. GH


I was having issues with stamina and personal issues. I know you don't usually put the downstairs or in my case the basement problems with e.d or any thing of that nature but.. I have to!! YOU ARE AMAZING WITH YOUR KNOWLEDGE OF SUCH PERSONAL ISSUES!! I have decided to make this a financial must have. I will try my best to be in every month because of cost if money grew in my back yard I would be in every week. Thank you thank you sooo much!! R.P

6. 13. 2016 What an incredible massage.. too bad i live so far away and only visit the Grand Rapids area once a year.. I love this young lady.. just awesome personality, loves to communicate, aren't afraid of a body, knows where all pressure points and then some are.. doesn't stop at the waste and jump to the mid thigh like others do.. as she said your skin, muscles and all are all connected.. she is very confident in her work.. xoxoxoxox..  

I am having what seems to be non stop pain in my lower back and I called Parri Curtis at Curtisy Massage, she was really concerned and went through a series of different types of massages with the sports massage.. when she finally decided that nothing was working as in going through ever aspect.. she did an entire stomach massage.. which I felt like how's this going to work?? Well lets just say this the pain is gone.. after doctors had done many test.. and no answers.. I would explain how she did this and what happened but its very personal and slightly embarrassing.. to say the least.. I am happy to be almost normal.. thank you !! J.N

I decided to see Parri after having many other massages that ended in absolutely no results on my lower back issues and my hip issues. She is not afraid of the body at all. As she puts it.. your skin is an entire organ, your nerves are continuous and the muscles actually do join each other so why the H"" stop mid thigh or half of a hip.. I believe people over think what the heck they look like naked or laying on a table or if the therapist is or isn't staring at something.. I had made this comment to Parri and she shook her head saying I have been in nursing and doing this for so long that people are like a sculpture waiting to be molded or a blank canvas being painted as in every one is just a body needing the attention to relax and get rid of all the stress or lactic acid.

I believe she is exactly what every one needs and I have now been going to her for 2yrs. Sharron 

Hello Miss Curtis, I hope all is well! I have been extremely busy on the road but I remembered the pressure points you told me to push to at least settle the pain going down my leg. I am hoping to see you very soon. P.A

I was told by my urologist that this pain in my groin will never go away and I have had this for almost 7 years, I am glad that I found you and you took the pain away in one session. I am simply ecstatic . Thank you so much :)

howdy darlin. .. my problem in my hands are clearly much better thanks to you. I can play my guitar better and my headaches are getting better as well. Hp

Parri I am so thankful for your expertise on what my body needed to relax I hope every one gets a chance to meet and experience your massages.

Wowy.. deep tissue massage was excellent It hurt for the time being but after wow total relaxation. plus I wasn't sore the next day nor the following. t.c

I have said over and over to my new massage therapist, she is wonderful at what she does, hears all of my problems and figures out what is going on. I've had this serious migraine head ache and just my a simple rotation of my neck and holding those pressure points really helped them to stay settled for at least a few days. She had also mentioned maybe its diet related but explained she's not a nutritionist nor a doctor. I really hope they can figure this out. But I at least have Parri to help with the migraines. thanks a million.. trisha

Thank You for squeezing me in, last Thurday. As I have visited another massage therapist in the past, which I told you about, in a side by side comparison, there is none. Without saying your massage was much more painful (It actually felt good, in a painful way) and did wonders for all of the problem areas we discussed. My range of motion has improved some. I will obviously need to make another appointment for further treatment. Thanks Again -Ken 

Hey hey Curtis, You gave me an awesome massage, I have to say for such a little female you sure do give me the one two. You know how to make my muscles stop being a pain. Of course with Pain.. lol jk I can't wait to see you next week. xxxxx)

There are many things about miss Curtis that I really love about her massages. She is very caring, and is concerned about how I feel before and after the massages. I can trust miss Curtis with my concerns, and I did notice the conversation quality being very interesting. I have never felt like some one actually cares enough to ask me how was my day, or if I haven't seen her in a month she is very excited to see me and wants to know what the hell I have been doing. She is super awesome. Thank you so much... Ty


After that awesome massage last evening.. the Deep tissue and the Pelvic. I noticed less anxiety and didn't have to shift around in my car as much for traveling. I also had the best sleep ever in a hotel room, which by the way never happens for more than 3 hrs. I appreciate the hard work and dealing with me on the table. See you next month.

That guy from New


Thank you so much for explaining the pelvic massage. It is the best thing you added on to all the other massages. The way you actually know how and take the time to explain what will happen. Very knowledgeable in understanding many pain issues that can result from sitting on my butt to long. I found most Therapist get funny or immature about getting to close to the problem areas.. for c''' sake's its a body not sex! Then I run into those whom claim to be TANTRA people and they are nothing but "floozies" getting naked and for me that is gross. I can go on about your services but proof is on the table.



Hey after a great massage the other day. I could not believe how much stress I had, till I was on your table. I can't wait till next week.. Meranda

Hey Miss Curtis, its Ken, how are you? I hope all is well I will be up in the area very soon for a Swedish massage or maybe try the Deep Tissue. I will be up from Florida and give you a shout. See you very soon.. M. from Florida ( during Winter)

Hi Perry, I hope I spelled your name right, I'm sure you'l correct it If it's wrong. I just wanna let you know your hands are simply amazing. If I lived closer I'd be there at least once a week. Since I live in Indiana and there once a month on business its sorta difficult. Thanks so much.. Indiana Man

Curtisy Massage is a wonderful and private place to go to. Perri has a natural ability to sense what it is the muscles need. Her deep tissue is outta this world, at time it does hurt but in a good way. I'm on a fixed income but I try to save money to make sure to get an 1 1/2 deep tissue because I know its money worth spending.. the cool thing is It lasts much longer than most massages I've gotten before. Walt W..

I have been a loyal client now for 4 or 5 yrs since she's been at the Calder Plaza down town Grand Rapids. She is always happy to see me, its almost like the first time, except I'm not nervous. Her Swedish massage ( the one she calls Basic or after a few times of Deep tissue, a bandage!) is amazing, never exactly the same. I will continue to be her client. Jesse 


I have been into many other places, ones outta their homes which is creepy esp when her boy friend or husband is hanging around, a high end place with all the fancy stuff and was so glad to see your not all that excuse my language stuck up into just appearance of the room. All a guy needs is for a Therapist to get rid of this damn back ache, and trouble sleeping. Going on 5 days straight sleeping more than 6hrs a night.

Parri Parri Parri,

you always come flying in even at last minute, I don't know how you do it but you always make time for my pain in the ass or as you put it in deep tissue "pain in your ass" that always makes me laugh.. I hope as you succeed and go further in to the new LIFE business, you won't quit on doing massages cuz we need therapist like you. Sorry I am getting a little sentimental or as you said mental at times. haha always quick with your sense of humor!! CURTISY MASSAGE THERAPY ROCKS!! Duane

Miss Curtisy,

I apologize for being to forward but WOW CAN YOU MASSAGE.. The long strokes are awesome I hope I said that right! Any how the point is I am so relaxed after a weeks worth of bullshit.

Thanks Curtisy


Wanted to note I have been a client now for 3yrs and Parri has amazing hands, a concept of what is going on with my health, I tremble alot ( not because of her) I have a health condition, she understands the nervous system and for some reason certain trigger points she presses stops me from tremors.

Thanks P.C E.R

Hey Curtisy,

Thanks for the Sports Massage, it helped me with my lifting at a contest I had. After you pushed, pulled, massaged, etc I added another 20lbs to my dead lifts. R,h


Dear Parri,


I just wanted to drop a note to thank you for squeezing me in the other day. My shoulder had been bothering me for a day or so and it hurt to turn my neck. I was unable to work out and didn't want the problem to get worse. I considered going to the doctor, but wondered if a massage would be better. I found your site and was impressed with your resume and experience. I decided to give massage a try and I am glad I did! Your office was warm and comfortable and your demeanor made me feel even more relaxed. After the hour massage my neck felt great and I am back to working out. I will definitely be back! Thanks again!


I have been searching for a massage therapist that practices trigger point therapy for a long time. I have found what I am looking for, Thank You Parri. Your expertise found all the my nuisance trigger points and cleared them all up. I thank you for your help. I'm thrilled to have found you and will be returning on a regular basis. Once again, thank you for your professionalism. Herb

Thanks for the excellent massage last week ... very interesting, and a different experience for me. I'll look forward to scheduling another appointment with you soon.


Thanks again for another wonderful massage, Parri. You make every massage a memorable experience. I'll look forward to next time.


Good Morning Parri,

Thanks for the massage yesterday it was wonderful. Looking at my schedule; I'd like to schedule a one hour deep tissue massage with the tantra after my appointments

Thanks again,

I am a 55 year old competitive powerlifter. I've had an issue with my left oblique and thought I would give deep tissue massage a try. I am wondering what your schedule looks like. Preferably an evening session after work would work best for me. Please get back to me with availabilty, recommendation, prices etc. I am no problem with paying cash upfront.

Thank You,

Hi Parri,

This is..... I came in for a massage a few days ago. It worked wonders..... my workouts since then have been phemononal. I know you are going in for surgery on Tuesday and I want to wish you the best with that. I am sure you will come out of it feeling better than ever. Anyway because it worked so well I'd like to schedule another session once you are feeling better. This time the 90 minute deep tissue I'd like spent entirely on the neck, back and glutes as that is where I am the tightest. Also want the medical tantra. So please let me know when you are feeling better so we can set up an appt


I have been a customer now for 4 years and still feel like your doing more and more every time you work on me. I know I can only make it in every other month but as you know times are stressful with work and the economy and you understand. Thank you so much for helping me with the painful body aches I have endured over the years. Again thank you!!


Hello Curtisy, I wanted to email you to say thank you for helping me with the discomforts of my initial problems I'd like to keep confidential as you can just post this on you testimonial page. I LOVE FEELING BACK IN CONTROL OF MY LIFE!!


My back, hips, thighs, oh all over body feels great! You truly have a gift, of intuition as your Aunt had said to me and I moved to Grand Rapids.


This is the day after my appointment and I have to tell you that I feel like a new person, physically and mentally. Last night I had a painless and uninterrupted sleep in ages, thanks to your special attention to my shoulders and hip.

You truly are a professional with training and skills in massage therapy but also people skills in making my first visit a pleasant experience which I look forward to repeating. The next time,

I will have no need to feel "as nervous as a Turkey the day before Thanksgiving"

I'm not sure what the proper etiquette is or your personal feeling about receiving a small 'Thank You' gift which would be as an expression of appreciation for your service and would have no other intent?

Al, 5/26/11


Just wanted to share my experience that i had with you, you are a very wonderful and beautiful person inside and out, from the hour and a half time spent with you the atmosphere was great and i began to relax through out the session.Your massage was nice and you relieved tension in the right muscles! The


was very nice and i learned alot from you in a short time together i hope to learn more from you in future appointments so you can help me with my struggles.....I think your the key to my future sexual health, and hope you always can be there when i need you! Other wise i look foward to another extensive more relaxing massage with you. Thank you so much for your time and a pleasent experience,im looking foward to the next one for sure! I hope they get better every time! like WOW as you might say?

Thanks Parri.....Bill from



Hi Parri, I just wanted to let you know my neck just keep getting better - you are amazing!!!!!!! The tantric has also helped a lot too - a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad I called you for that 1st appointment.... I'll get a hold of you after the holiday for another massage. Thanks again & Have a great week-end!!! (emailed)


Iam contacting you with regard to your Massage Therapy website.

My name is Jennifer and I represent, a leading web resource for those affected by mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer that occurs in the lining of the lungs and abdomen. As you know, in recent years massage therapy has been increasingly integrated into palliative cancer treatment programs, including those for patients battling mesothelioma.

We now feature information about massage therapy on our site and have created a service directory for patients seeking a clinic offering massage therapy in their area. We would like to include your listing in our directory, including your contact information and featured services (at no charge). In return, we ask that you provide us with a resource link on your website so that we may gain some mutually beneficial traffic as we encourage our visitors to utilize your services.

Please let me know if I can be of any assistance. I thank you for your time and look forward to hearing back from you.

Yoursin health,



Awarenessand Outreach Coordinator


 Hello Parri,

I am sending along a recommendation which you can add to your testimonial page, if you like. I'm writing it in the style of an endorsement for public viewing rather than a personal piece just for your eyes. Thanks for the session on Monday. The benefits have not subsided since the session. I feel I more than got my money's worth.......

here is the testimonial:

"I suffer from some of the disorders which you outline on your research page. You were able to intuitively find the places and pressures I needed to relieve a whole lot of discomfort and balance my body and energy in a way which has given me sustained relief and gives me hope for a more functional future. I appreciated your candidness and your assertiveness in getting deeply into pressure points which have been gummed up for a long time. It is rare to find a therapist who is actually a "therapist" and knows what they are doing. I wish I lived closer to be able to get more regular treatments and gain the long term benefits which are implied in the excellent work you do. I highly recommend you for the client who wants to get some serious body work done and not just the ol cookie cutter fluff n puff which most therapists offer. Thanks again for your professional work."


Hi Parri,

I am very very happy you do not get embarrassed over a persons body or the fact that a man gets aroused, when I go any where else and they cover me with a lot of blankets or sheets it makes me feel ashamed of my body. You have helped me over come many things such as anxiety and my weight issues. You actually know how to make a person feel welcome and very relaxed.

Thank you Mathew.

Tantric massage is a must and much needed, I am a prostate cancer survivor and I must say that it is about time some one can help with the pain this has caused. I appreciate your every effort, Parri, and I will see you soon.

Your massage has given me immediate, positive, results. Both the shoulder and knee are much improved.The knee almost feels good enough to restart my jogging. I can lift my arm without shoulder pain.I probably should have scheduled a massage for this week as insurance for continued success. However, I will hold off until the time frame already set on your calendar.

Thanks for your help.


Parri, I just want to say that I feel that you had done the best for what I needed and The Tantric massage was very powerful and I feel like I am 30 again. Not bad for an old man that's still a young 63. I just know you will do good for all people. Thank you so much!


The Tantric massage is excellent! See you again when I come back to Michigan.


Parri, wow did you do a number on my glutes, the sports massage is definatly worth the price and even tho it was stretching I felt better after wards.

Deep tissue, is awesome for after working out! Thanks a million


Parri, You are worth driving to and I am so happy to have finally found someone who can ease my anxiety and all the chronic pain.


I am glad I had the chance to finally come in and get a massage. It was wonderful and I especially love the warm room, warmed lotion and definatly how well you treated me as a person and not overly medical profession. You are a very caring person and I appreciate that.

thank you friend.

Your massages are very addicting! Even when you do the deep tissue or that other massage where you stretch my legs. I will be in again in two weeks thank you!

Good after noon, after your lymphatic drainage session, I felt sick after as you had said I would, then the next morning I had felt so much better. Vertigo is a terrible thing to have and you helped me out! thank you



I had the best golf scores I have ever had on my home course. And, I played 36 holes!!! That, too, was the first time in a long time. The knee and back worked very well yesterday...thanks to you.



Just wanted to tell you I really enjoyed our time together. Your massage was just what I'm looking for. Not to soft. Not to hard. Well except the calf you loosened up for'm already looking forward to seeing you again.

Thanks again.


Thank you for the wonderful massage!! My legs have never been so relaxed. Having suffered with Restless Leg Syndrome for the last 5 years, I have to admit that they have never felt better. The 2 hour massage was well worth the price. Next time, I will definitely go for 3 hours! I got to my hotel room after traveling all day, which usually causes a lot of problems with my legs and I felt like I could go all day. Thanks so much. I will be back again very soon.


I just wanted to say thank you very much for a "Great Massage". It was great meeting such a beautiful lady with a funny sense of humor that can really give a great massage. All that in a one package. I really appreciate you coming in again to meet me. My knee actually feels a lot better. I can't wait until my next appointment!

Thanks again,


“The level of service at Curtisy Massage Therapy is fantastic. Having been a repeat customer, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every member I have come in contact with. Thank you!

She knows who I am!

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Curtisy Massage Therapy was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”


I went in the other day for a massage at the old location and I was grateful. She provided a comfortable atmosphere and most of all that was appreciated she is definatly a professional. This woman knows what she's doing.. 4days later I am still relaxed and I can not wait to get back in Michigan to see her!! Thank you Parri, lots of love from Indiana..


As noted at my visit earlier today – I have been searching for a cmt to actually solve issues, and have legitimate therapeutic value. THANKS - the muscular aches in my legs feel tremendously better after our first visit. I will be back again next week and hope to continue to make some strides with your stretching and massage techniques.

Take Care,


Parri, I had a great experience getting one of your 2hr massages, I was amazed that you could help me with my shoulder pain that I have had worked on by other Therapists. I can actually do my regular exercises with my upper body.

thanx: Matt.

Hey do you have time today? I know I was in the other day and well I have to leave for a week and just wanted some time to unwind. thank you hope to hear from you.

Just wanted to say the Deep Tissue Massage was exactly what I was looking for I've tried other Therapist's and it turns into a Swedish massage. I am looking forward to another session maybe a sports massage since I am starting to run. thank you a lot Parri

Thank you for my massage yesterday it helped me sleep all night.

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