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My personal journey to yours.

My own personal journey of trying everything for multiple pain, inflammation, and just hell on wheels health issues.

I have been through some stupid crazy and for me ridiculous bullshit pain that seems to be a never ending daily issue.

I am a Massage Therapist and deal with so many client issues, have solved many problems and even some claim I have helped most things to go away.

I myself recently went to a Chiropractor for 12 sessions of adjustments and used one of their "Medical Massage Therapist" twice . The adjustments where fair, all my pain is still there, and was far worse than ever after using a so called Medical Massage Therapists claiming to be " Medical" when in fact they have not even made it past the first step in clinical therapy. They are mindlessly using techniques that should work for pain but have no clue on actual striations of a muscle fiber to utilize the pressure points or the muscle itself, they push in the wrong direction. In Massage 101 where I was Taught you go with the grain of a muscle ( its like cutting up a steak you go with not against for a tender piece) very simple.. then I found when they do a simple long smooth movements they go against the circulatory system which causes many issues especially for those whom have circulation issues. They ( note I am also referring to having previously tried 10 other massage therapist in the past 10 yrs and one out of ten I have seen a few times.) Some of them are good as far as a Swedish/soft version of a massage and the one I went back to really put me through the mill. I have found and I am not the only one who had said this " chiropractor's generally use Medical Massage Therapist only for insurance purposes, and hire those whom only had a 6 month course and can't make it on their own" I am not underestimating or putting any one down because it's just how it is. Then you have the " high over rated spa" They tend to just go through the basics of a Swedish massage and are most likely going to oil you up with oils made to be used for pain relief. Great stuff but only if you want to use it everyday. So for me this would never work. ( I need a clone)


I have been seeing them straight off and on now for 7 years since my lovely stay at the Spectrum Hospital on life support for a month and 13 days. Exactly during flu season February and March to be exact. For guess what? The Swine Flu. H1N1 is the technical term.I will never ever get a flu shot again! It's a long story on that.

My issue is I have what seems like pain that persists all over my body, causing inflammation in my neck, all through out my back, hips and my left side usually is completely numb or tingling. I have this every day. You would never know it because I hide it very well. Doctors said Fibromyalgia , then it was arthritis, then something else and they tried putting me on medication. I won't take it. Why? First of all they did not do an actual test or X-ray. Nor any thing. Then I also had a bleeding ulcer, so it caused plenty of issues, I could go on about my medical issues and you would think" how is she still alive or doing massages"

Here is my point.

Although I have many issues, I have my own bag of tricks. Every morning I take what seems a lot of vitamins and herbal pills. I do! why? I found a multiple vitamin or what ever does not give what one person needs for certain issues. Then I make sure to take a pre workout supplement and even if it hurts I get on the treadmill every morning for a 1/2 hour usually about a mile and a half. Then I work on different body parts for muscle strength and push out the painful stress that may be the real reason you are in pain. If you find it to be more painful then do a little less but never stop trying. After exercises blend up a Vegan protein powder with organic milk and organic juices ( not frozen fruits this causes water weight) Try to toss in raw Ginger and Tumeric this helps with circulation, pain, and many other ailment. The worse thing you can do is lay around and sleep on it unless you have the flu. You may go through trial and not so fun things to find your niche .

Massages is the number one problem solver for over all health. Just try finding that one person that can help and pay attention to what your issues are. Use different herbal things to find your pain solution. Lose weight if you have excess pounds, you will find by movements of even simple walking can empower you and decrease pain and of course stress.

Feel free to email me at

Read my full fun website and make an appointment.

Make your health and wellness a great journey.

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